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Multi-function Back Massage Device

Multi-function Back Massage Device

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The Multi-function Back Massage Device is designed to provide quick and effective pain relief for your back.  It features lumbar traction, dynamic stretching, smooth vibration, physical massage and thermostatic hyperthermia.


Step 1: Get Power to the product and press the power button.
Step 2: Press the 'AUTO' botton and adjust other mode.
Step 3: Enjoy 15 minutes massage and turn of the power button.


Strectching and Kneading

Lumbar massage is an effective technique that can alleviate lower back pain by reducing muscle tension and increasing blood flow to the affected area. In addition to providing pain relief, this form of massage also offers other valuable benefits such as improved flexibility and circulation. 

Reduced Muscle Tension and Increased Blood Flow:

Lumbar massage works by targeting the lower back muscles, releasing tension and tightness that contribute to discomfort. By promoting relaxation in these muscles, blood flow is enhanced, resulting in increased oxygen and nutrient delivery to the affected area. 

Enhanced Flexibility:

In addition to pain relief, lumbar massage can significantly improve flexibility and range of motion in the waist area. By reducing muscle tension and promoting relaxation, the joints and muscles are able to move more freely, making everyday movements easier and less painful. 


    Experience effective relief from back pain and improved blood circulation with our innovative back massage device. Specially designed to target chronic pain and muscle stiffness, this device provides remarkable results. By relieving muscle pressure and tension, our massage device function helps reduce the stiffness caused by prolonged physical activity. 

    Moreover, the vibration massage feature effectively reduces muscle pain, making it particularly beneficial for athletes and those with waist injuries. Don't let discomfort hold you back any longer. 


      Three different heat settings from Low,Medium and High, which will help promote blood flow to thelower back ,relieve musclespasms, and relieve the stiffness.

      Heat therapy is a remarkable method for alleviating pain in various areas of the body,
      such as the neck, shoulders, back, and joints.

      As a result, inflammation is reduced, and discomfort is eased, providing much-needed relief.

      Applicable following symptoms:

      1. Sedentary Fatigue
      2. Lumbar stenosis, and lumbar herniated discs
      3. Back pain and soreness after exercise
      4. Sciatica
      5. Symptoms of tingling,numbness and cramps in the waist and legs caused by general lumbar problems

      Tips: lf you have had surgery or suffered an acute back injury, be sure to consult your physician before use.

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